Common Reasons Your Air Conditioner Has Stopped Working


It’s beginning to get pretty hot outside, so it’s important to keep your air conditioner in proper working order to ensure you’re staying cool. However, problems can occur where your AC unit won’t cool properly, which could worry a lot of people. If your air conditioner won’t properly cool your home, don’t panic, it could be a very simple problem that you could diagnose yourself, something as simple as dead batteries. It’s important to check the simple things first, ensure the batteries that’re in your thermostat are properly charged, if that isn’t the cause then check to see if your breakers have been tripped.

What You Should Check If Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling

If your air conditioner isn’t working and the simple solutions didn’t fix it, then you’ll want to move further into diagnosing. If the simple problems aren’t the cause, you’ll need to inspect your AC unit next to figure out where the issue lies. You don’t have to call a professional HVAC expert yet, as there are still things you could try before then. We’re going to cover some common reasons why your air conditioner has stopped working or cooling properly below.

Dirty Air Filters

This is one of the most common problems that homeowners will face when their air conditioner has stopped working or cooling, check your AC units air filter to see if it’s dirty or not. A dirty air filter will limit the flow of air, this can cause bad airflow to your units coils which means they’ll begin freezing up and causing warm air from your air conditioner or it won’t produce any air at all.

It’s highly recommended that you check up on your AC units air filter every couple of months, ensuring it’s not dirty. If it is, change it to a new one. Replacing air filters is easily done, all you have to do is turn off the AC unit, remove your old dirty air filter then put the brand new clean air filter into the slot. This could be your problem with having no air or warm air from your air conditioner.

Resetting Your Breaker

This is probably one of the easiest fixes there is, sometimes all you need to do is reset your breaker, sometimes it could be tripped out of nowhere. However, if you see that it trips your breaker again, it could be a more serious problem such as a short in the electric system of your AC unit, consider hiring a professional to come inspect it for you and see what the issue is.

Check The Batteries In The Thermostat

If your air conditioner has stopped working, then it could just be a result of dead batteries in your thermostat. You can also check to ensure your thermostat is on the proper settings, make sure it’s on “auto” instead of just “on”, the fans could be running too much which is cutting it off to ensure it doesn’t burn up.

Inspect Your Condenser

The condensers part of your AC unit is located in your yard typically, they extract warm air from your home. A reason why your air conditioner isn’t working properly may be because the condenser is clogged up or dirty, leaves and other debris can fall into the condenser and make it work too hard, which means you won’t get proper airflow from your air conditioner.

Clear Debris Away

Whenever the airflow from your air conditioner isn’t properly working, this could be caused by the AC unit outside, if there’s too much debris around it you’ll end up with a non working air conditioner. If you notice that it has ice all around it, cut off the AC unit and replace your old air filter with a new one, then wait a couple of hours and cut it back on.

It can get stressful when your air conditioner isn’t properly working and cooling, your home could feel like it’s on fire on some days. While there are simple problems and solutions, there could be a bigger problem. If none of these things are the solution to your AC problem, then consider hiring a professional HVAC expert to inspect your AC unit for you to see what the actual problem is. Call Superior Comfort HVAC today at (734) 818-7141 for heating or cooling service in Downriver Michigan.


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