The Importance of Scheduling AC Maintenance


We hear it all the time as homeowners – always schedule regular AC maintenance. We know it’s one of the most important things we can do for our home, but do we know why it’s so important? Probably not. In the event you know you should get your AC maintained on a regular schedule but sometimes let that lapse, here’s the reasons as to why it’s so important to keep your AC maintained.

The Importance of Scheduling AC Maintenance

At the very least, look at your AC system as you would any big ticket item you would purchase. Why do we maintain and service our cars? To make sure they are working right and are performing to their absolute best. We service our cars as a prevention of future problems so why wouldn’t we do the same for our AC unit – something we likely actually use a lot more often than our cars.

Maintain Efficiency

While it’s grown in popularity in recent years, being energy efficient isn’t just a trend that will go away. Becoming more energy efficient will help you save money and will lessen your impact in energy usage. Making sure that your AC system works properly through regular maintenance is just one way you can be more energy efficient. If your system doesn’t work properly, you’re likely using more energy than necessary and likely costing yourself way more than you need to in energy costs.

Prevent Complications

Routine maintenance of your home’s AC system will allow a specialist to find any minor issues before they become major complications. While small repairs will still cost you, odds are they will cost you a lot less than a major repair due to improper maintenance on the system. Most AC repairs are reported to be as a result of poor or no maintenance, so let the experts do their job and your AC will work well for years to come.


If your AC Unit is well maintained, it will work its best at keeping you and your family cool and comfortable. Keeping your AC maintained even through the winter will ensure that you aren’t facing sweltering summer days without relief in sight. With regular maintenance, you’ll make sure your AC system is reliable and working well long before you need it.

Longevity of your AC Unit

Keeping your AC unit well maintained on a regular basis will help the unit to last much longer than if you didn’t. We’ve grown pretty accustomed to our cooling systems, and they are not inexpensive. You don’t want to face replacing your AC Unit until you have absolutely no other option, so keeping it cleaned and making minor repairs as needed with regular maintenance will extend the lifetime of your AC unit for years to come. Routine maintenance will allow your AC to reach the projected 10-15 years that an AC unit should last.

Improved Air Quality

When your AC is working properly, the air quality in your home is at its best. A well maintained AC will circulate air throughout your home and remove the old air from the home. When you have your AC maintained, the specialist will clean the coils and that will eliminate stuck on gunk and debris from your AC, making it work more efficiently at circulating your air and keeping you and your family breathing clean safe air.

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