Steps You Should Take If Your Heating Furnace in Downriver Michigan is Not Working


During the winter months in Michigan, it’s crucial to have a working heating furnace. A heating furnace keeps us comfortable and for the most part is simply out of sight and out of mind doing it’s job of keeping the home warm. That is, until there is a problem with your heating furnace. Then most home owners go into panic mode especially if the problem occurs at night or on a weekend when getting a technician out to repair the heating furnace may be questionable. Here at Superior Comfort Heating and Cooling we do offer heating furnace repair in Downriver Michigan on weekends and in the evening hours there may be some things you can check yourself first. These steps can help you remedy a furnace that is not working and get your home warm again without needing a technician to come out until a later time.

Steps You Should Take if Your Heating Furnace in Downriver Michigan is Not Working

Most heating furnaces will last for many years. Getting your heating furnace properly inspected and maintained can add even more years to it’s lifespan. But even with proper maintenance, there can be problems with the heating furnace. Sometimes these problems can’t be avoided and sometimes it’s not due to the heating furnace itself but by other components which may be connected to the heating furnace in some way. Most of the steps below deal with these components and what you should do to check and inspect them to determine if they are your problem or will you need to call a technician to come out and repair the heating furnace.

The following steps should only be done if you are comfortable with these systems. If you don’t feel comfortable checking circuit breakers or checking air filters for your furnace you may want to simply call a technician. We don’t advise anyone to open any panels or make any sort of access to the furnace or electrical components themselves. With that being said, here are some steps you can take if your heating furnace is not working properly.

Check the Thermostat for your Furnace

There are many different thermostats that are on the market today which can control your home. Programmable thermostats have been around for some time but recently there has been lots of thermostats that have been added to the market which connect to your home’s wifi internet and can be controlled through smart phones and other devices. Making sure your home’s thermostat is working properly and not “fiddled” with by anyone else in the family is important. Some thermostats also will not work properly if the wifi is not properly connected. This connection can drop for a variety of reasons but you should have documentation on what to do to set up the connection again or how to control the thermostat with out wifi.

Some thermostats will also battery power which can cause a problem when the batteries get weak or die. Try switching the batteries in your heating furnace if you suspect this is a problem. Check with the manual for your thermostat for details on how to change the batteries.

Does the Furnace Have Power?

No matter what type of heating furnace you have installed chances are it will need electrical power. Gas furnaces don’t need much electricity but they do need some and when the power is not supplied the heating furnace will not work. Making sure your heating furnace has power is needed. Check your circuit breakers for tripped breakers.

Is the Gas Turned Off?

You’ll also want to check to make sure your gas heating furnace actually has gas to power it. Depending on how gas is supplied to your home, you’ll need to check to ensure it is available for your furnace to use. Usually checking the meter can help you determine if you have gas to your home’s furnace. If the pilot light on your furnace is burning or you have gas to your home’s stove, then chances are this is not your problem.

What Else Can Be Wrong?

While these are some common steps you should take when your heating furnace is not working it’s likely you’ll need to have a technician come out to make sure the heating furnace is in good working order. Make sure you call Superior Comfort Heating & Cooling in Downriver Michigan if you need heating furnace repair.


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