Signs You May Need Gas Furnace Replacement in Downriver Michigan


If the heat goes off in the middle of the night during a cold Michigan winter you’ll know there is a problem with the furnace and that you’ll need gas furnace replacement in Downriver Michigan. However, sometimes the gas furnace in your home can begin failing long before it actually fails completely. Knowing what you should look for and the signs that may be present can help you avoid that frigid event when it fails completely. Here are some of those signs that your gas furnace may need to be repaired or replaced.

Signs You May Need Gas Furnace Replacement in Downriver Michigan

For many home owners in Michigan the heating source they use is a gas furnace. They are efficient and provide an excellent heating source to keep even larger homes at a comfortable temperature even when the temperatures drop well below freezing here in Michigan. That is however, when they are working as they should. Sometimes when HVAC systems and furnaces start to fail they will start to use more and more energy resources and give specific signs that you should look for. If you notice any of the signs below be sure to give us a call for gas furnace repair or replacement.

Age is a Factor When it Comes to a Gas Furnace

HVAC systems, much like any other type of system has been rapidly advancing in technology for the past few decades. Systems today are much more energy efficient, provide quieter operation, and keep your home at a comfortable temperature and humidity. While older systems can still perform well, usually when they start getting to the end of their useful life, they can start breaking down and causing problems. Most gas furnaces have a lifespan of about 15 years. If you system is older than 15 years old, it may be time to upgrade especially if you notice any of the other signs which may indicate a problem.

Ever Increasing Energy Bills Each Winter

As I mentioned above, the older the gas furnace gets the more it can start to break down. Cracks and gaps can form allowing more and more air to escape making the system work harder to keep the home comfortable. This usually is indicated by higher energy bills each year. If your system is using more and more energy it may be time to update the system to a newer, more energy efficient gas furnace in Downriver Michigan. We can even help with financing the new gas furnace.

Strange Noises Coming for the Gas Furnace

Banging, clanking, and squeals are great for a Halloween haunted house, but for your gas furnace, not so much. When some components fail they can cause the system to make terrible sounds. Fan blower bearings can start to seize up giving a high pitched squeal at all times during the night. When ducting is damaged it can also cause banging in the system. If you notice any type of strange sounds coming from your gas furnace be sure to get it checked.

Large Temperature Swings

While some problems may not be so obvious as the ones above, you should still take note of them. One of those problems is higher than normal temperature swings. So if you have thermostat set on 68 degrees and the furnace waits until it is 62 degrees to come on, you likely have a problem. These huge temperature swings may be the result of a faulty thermostat but the gas furnace may also not be resetting to come back on as it should once it goes off.

Constantly Comes On and Off

On the flip side, if the gas furnace constantly goes off and then comes back on it could indicate a problem. Not only is this really annoying for a home owner but it can cause higher energy use by the gas furnace.

Unusual Smells Coming from Ducts, Registers, or Around Gas Furnace

While older systems relied on the air around them to help power the gas furnace, many of the gas furnaces of today are sealed. This makes them much safer as well as more energy efficient and doesn’t dry out the air. One thing you should not smell around the furnace or coming from the vents is a strong gas smell or a smell of rotten eggs which can indicate a problem with the gas supply, the furnace, or other component. If you do smell gas be sure to get the furnace checked right away.

Always Needing Repairs

No one wants to constantly get their gas furnace repaired. If your furnace is constantly breaking down and needing repairs, it maybe time for a gas furnace replacement in Downriver Michigan. Give us a call today to learn more about our gas furnace installation service here at Superior Comfort Heating & Cooling. We provide free quotes on many systems and can install your new furnace quickly and professionally. We can also help with financing, if needed. Give us a call today to learn more at (734) 818-7141.


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