Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning in Downriver Michigan


Most people don’t pay any attention to their HVAC system until it’s too late. Just like anything else around your home you should always keep up with the maintenance on your HVAC unit. Keeping up with the maintenance on your unit can make it last a lot longer. If you feel like your unit is not performing to its full capabilities then it may be time to have it looked at. That is the most common mistake many people make is waiting until it is broken to have it fixed.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning in Downriver Michigan

Different Types of Systems

Many HVAC systems typically do the same thing, however the way they get the job can often differ. Even the appearance of the system itself can differ. You have many different choices to choose from when choosing. You have a portable unit, most of the time this is a stand-alone HVAC system. This type is often compact and easy to move around. The next style you have is a window unit. This unit is ideal for small places that you need to heat or cool. It’s compact design often fits into a standard window.

The next unit you have is a central HVAC, it’s mostly used to heat or cool large areas. This would be the perfect unit if you had a big home or workplace to heat or cool. You also have a ductless split, which is usually mounted on a wall or floor. This unit is ideal to heat or cool a small room or office. It doesn’t perform well in large areas because it has no duct to allow the air or heat to travel.

The Basics of HVAC Systems

All HVAC units operate nearly the same. But the way they get the job done differs from the different styles of units. A central HVAC unit is made up of four different main parts. When these four main parts are working together combined with refrigerant it can produce whatever temperature you want. The four main parts are the expander, the evaporator, the compressor, and the condenser.

When these four parts are combined with refrigerant it can cause heat or cool air depending on what you set the temperature for. Then the fan inside the unit is used to transfer the air throughout your home. Many systems now-a-days can heat or cool your home. With that you can keep the same system in your home year around.

Energy Efficient Systems

When replacing your HVAC system you want to pay attention to how energy efficient your next unit will be. After all you don’t want something that will run your utility bill through the roof. If you notice your old unit has recently made your utility bill rise then you might want to get a contractor out to inspect it. It could be something small clogged up or messed up on it that could be causing it to work twice as hard for the same outcome. This is another reason why you should have regular maintenance done to prevent these types of issues.

Replace or Repair?

If you notice your HVAC unit has quit or not working to its full potential then it may be too late to just repair it. This is especially true if your unit is more than ten years old. Normally the lifespan of a HVAC unit is ten years. But before you dive into just purchasing a new unit you want to check and see what the warranty is on your old unit first. This could end up saving you a lot of money if it’s still under warranty.

The good thing about replacing an old unit is that everything is a lot more energy efficient now compared to ten years ago. You would be surprised how much money you could save on your utility bill with a new unit installed.

Routine HVAC Maintenance

Routine maintenance shouldn’t ever be ignored no matter if your unit is old or brand new. It’s very important for not only cost reasons, but also safety reasons. When you have routine maintenance done it can often catch all the small problems that are wrong with your unit before they turn into a disaster. Routine maintenance may seem like it’s nothing to do, but you should always contact a professional because they know everything to know about getting the job done. Also if they mess anything up then they will fix it, not you. Paying the few extra bucks now could end up saving you a lot more in the long run. Be sure to call Superior Comfort HVAC if you need heating, ventilation, or air conditioning service in your home. We have a team of certified technicians ready to help. We also offer emergency service if needed. Call us today at (734) 818-7141.


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