Annual Inspections

The heating and cooling systems of your home needs maintenance and inspections. Getting these regular system checks can help with the energy efficiency of the system as well as identify problems before your HVAC stops working.

Many times HVAC systems are often neglected because they basically “out of sight and out of mind”. In places like the basement of your home, in closets, or maybe even attached to the roof or side of your home. But no matter where it is located, making sure the HVAC system is performing as it should is a must and could save you money in the long run.

At Superior Comfort Heating and Cooling we offer annual inspections and pre-season inspections to ensure your heating and cooling system is performing as it should. We perform a 56 point check on your entire heating and cooling system. If your system hasn’t been inspected in some time, be sure to call us today at 734-818-7141 to schedule your HVAC inspection in Downriver Michigan.

Maintenance Checklist

Inspect unit for proper refrigerant level and adjust if necessary

Clean dirt, leaves and debris from inside cabinet

Inspect base pan for restricted drain openings—remove obstructions as necessary

Inspect coil and cabinet—clean as needed

Inspect fan motor and fan blades for wear and damage—on older models lubricate as needed

Inspect and clean blower assembly (includes blower housing, blower wheel and motor)

On older models, lubricate motor and inspect and replace fan belt if needed

Check combustion blower housing for lint and debris and clean as necessary

Inspect evaporator coil, drain pan and condensate drain lines. Clean as needed

Inspect for gas leaks in gas furnaces

Inspect burner assembly—clean and adjust as needed.

Inspect control box, associated controls, wiring and connections

Clean or replace air filters

Inspect conditioned airflow system (ductwork)—check for leaks


When Should You Get Inspection on Your HVAC System?

At Superior Comfort Heating and Cooling we offer pre-season maintenance and inspections all year. Many home owners will get inspections on their HVAC systems twice per year. However, we can inspect your home’s HVAC system any time. We use a full checklist to inspect your system and locate any problems.

We inspect and then clean inside coil (when needed), condensate pans, traps, and lines to prevent any foreign matter from obstructing efficiency. We also look for problems on exterior units and for efficient operation, clean outside coils.

We will also inspect the refrigerant level in your cooling system and check for any leaks or problems. Even a small loss of refrigerant could mean exponential energy costs associated with it.

For all your HVAC installation & Maintenance requirements, call Superior Comfort Heating and Cooling in Downriver Michigan!

Make sure your HVAC system is performing at maximum efficiency today by scheduling an inspection today. At Superior Comfort Heating and Cooling we can service, inspect, and repair your HVAC system quickly and affordably. Call us today at (734) 818-7141 to schedule your maintenance.


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