Troubleshooting Common Problems with Mini Split Systems 


Mini split systems are a great choice for HVAC needs, but like any other system they can encounter problems. Before calling in a professional, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to address common issues with mini splits. Here’s what to do if you’re having problems with your mini split system in Flat Rock, MI

1) Check the thermostat settings: The most common issue with mini-split systems is incorrect thermostat settings, so it’s important to check these first. Make sure that the temperature settings on the thermostat match the desired temperatures and that the mode is set correctly (cooling or heating).  

2) Inspect air filters: Dirty air filters will cause airflow issues and reduce efficiency. Change air filters at least once every three months and clean them with a vacuum cleaner or warm, soapy water if they become clogged. 

3) Check the outdoor unit: Make sure there are no obstructions blocking the flow of air around the outdoor unit as this will reduce its efficiency. If snow has built up around the unit, clear it away.  

4) Inspect ductwork: Leaky ducts can cause problems with mini split systems, so inspect all of your ducts for any signs of wear and tear. Replace damaged sections to ensure smooth operation of your system. Scheduling 24 hour air conditioning service in Grosse Ile, MI can help ensure that ducts are in good condition. 

If you’ve taken these troubleshooting steps but you’re still struggling with issues, contact an HVAC professional. They will be able to diagnose the problem quickly and provide a solution so your mini split system is running efficiently again. 

Remember, preventative maintenance can help avoid major problems in the future. Investing in regular air conditioning service in Flat Rock, MI can ensure that any small issues are addressed before they turn into costly repairs.  

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