Heating and Cooling Services in Downriver Michigan


It’s happened to all of us at least one time in our lives. Our AC has gone out, usually on one of the hottest days of the year. You’re sweating and seemingly melting, searching for an HVAC company that can service your unit. Most times, especially during the summer, these places are booked, and they add your name to a waiting list.

But who wants to wait even a day or two to restore their air conditioning? The HVAC experts at Superior Comfort Heating & Cooling won’t keep you waiting. When you call, you’ll be put at the top of their list. Their family-owned business has been repairing and replacing AC units for more than 20 years. Superior only installs trusted, name-brand products made in the USA such as Rheem, which has been around for nearly 100 years.

Whether you need new air conditioning, a thermostat or humidifier…Superior has all
your heating and cooling needs. They offer:

• Guaranteed satisfaction on all materials and labor plus 10+ year warrantees
• AC repairs, maintenance, and installation
• Fast service, including emergency services, 24/7, nights and weekends
• AC annual inspections and tune-ups
• Money-saving coupons and promotions
• Interior and exterior air quality assessments

Conveniently located and highly recommended

They’re centrally located in Flat Rock, Michigan, so if you live in the Downriver or Wayne County area, they’re close by and ready to service your needs. They’ve garnered 4.5 stars and glowing Google reviews (check out their Facebook page to learn more):

“You could tell they took great pride in their work and customer service was very
important to them.” – Michelle M.

“I would highly recommend them!” – Lisa A.

“They installed a new AC unit at a reasonable price. It works great!” – Shaun N.

“This company is amazing and worth your trust.” – Michele C.

They’re also highly rated by Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau, so when you call them, you can feel confident you’re dealing with a credible and reputable HVAC contractor. These days, it’s hard to know which companies to trust and do business with, which is why Superior Comfort Heating & Cooling posts all their reviews on their website and social media pages. That way you can read about people’s real experiences and make your decision based on facts.

If you’re AC is not okay, don’t delay

If your AC is making a terrible noise, you notice condensation around the unit, or it just stops working, Superior Comfort Heating & Cooling has you covered! They can save you money by installing a “smart thermostat” that only kicks on when it’s a certain temperature. Why cool off your entire home when it’s not necessary? Once they install one of these thermostats, you’ll immediately notice a lower energy bill. That’s more money in your pocket for fun stuff like vacations. Their services are second to none. Other big box HVAC companies charge high prices just for inspections, let alone AC repair and replacement. They’re fully licensed and insured, so you’ll be worry-free. They also offer financing and easy credit approvals so you can get the AC unit that best suits your home. Plus, they even have built-in protection against mold, viruses, and odors in their new AC units, so your air will be fresher and cleaner. If you suspect your AC is going out, don’t delay, because the longer you wait the more likely you’ll have more expensive repairs to deal with. As soon as you call Superior, you’ll be treated like family, and your comfort and satisfaction will be their #1 priority. They offer the best heating and cooling services in Downriver Michigan. You can get a free estimate and consultation and then make your decision – no pressure at all. Once their team of experts has inspected your home inside and out, they’ll present you with the best solution – whether it be repairs or new installation. Plus, they’ll work with your budget and financial situation to ensure you can get your AC fixed at an affordable price.

Don’t DIY your AC

There are some tasks and projects around your home that you can fix yourself, such as a broken doorknob or leaky faucet. When it comes to HVAC problems, though, it’s best to call in experts. Their many years of experience, specialized equipment and knowledge will be appreciated and welcomed by you, the homeowner, as well as your local municipal inspectors. They’ve built longstanding relationships with mechanical inspectors and they specialize in how to pull a permit, schedule a city inspection, and pass with flying colors. If you attempt to fix or replace your AC yourself and don’t pull the proper permits or do something wrong, you could be fined and your unit will not pass inspection. Why chance it when you can call licensed professionals at Superior Comfort Heating & Cooling? It’s a no-risk proposition, and a guarantee that your AC will be repaired correctly and according to code.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

In the past, you may have dealt with unscrupulous HVAC contractors, unlicensed AC repairmen, or large companies that brushed you off or didn’t fulfill their promises. Superior is dedicated to ensuring your total satisfaction with their customer service, products, and performance, which is why much of their business is based on customer referrals. The proof is in their high customer ratings and testimonials – you can’t get any better than that when you’re looking for the top heating and cooling company in Downriver MI. Getting approved for financing is never an issue – whether you want to pay cash, debit, credit, or check – you can pay in monthly installments if you’re approved for one of their affordable financing programs. Finances should never be a barrier to living in a comfortable, cool home, especially during Michigan’s hot summer months. Even if your credit is less than perfect, you can qualify for affordable financing at Superior. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to deal with a heating and cooling company that is respected and responsive to your call, if it’s an emergency or a routine issue, it makes no difference. Their friendly professionals are here to support you and answer  your questions, so they’re always available.

Call for a free estimate today

Don’t ignore those squeaks and sounds, and don’t overlook water around your HVAC unit. These could be a sign it’s ready to quit working, so you need to call a credible company immediately. Call Superior Comfort Heating & Cooling today at 734-818-7141 to set up a complimentary inspection and consultation. You won’t have to wait long at all – they’ll get you scheduled right away. If you have questions, ask away, no question is too large or small. To learn more, visit their website at There you’ll find informative blogs on subjects such as water heaters, tips to keep your AC running smoothly, common reasons your AC has stopped working, and much more. Go with the experts at Superior, so you can get back to enjoying life at your home with cool AC and an affordable utility bill. It’s recommended you have your AC inspected every year, so even if there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s worth having it checked out. Better safe then sorry! Enjoy your summer with the coolest AC around.


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